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LulaRoe The "Julia" Floral with Stripe and Tie Dye Black and White Sarah

LulaRoe Julia Dress

If you are looking to shop LulaRoe here are a few of my favorite consultants, they mostly sell their pieces in Facebook groups. Robin Hall  Amanda Enea 

Friendswood Photographer, LulaRoe Jula

League City Photographer, Lularoe julia
OutFit: Floral Striped Julia and Tie Dye Black and White Sarah
Styled Session #1 (2017).
Words from the photographer: Dianna Hall

Styling Notes:
Dress: The Julia- by LulaRoe Purchased from a B.S.T. group on Facebook
Duster: A Sarah-by LulaRoe Purchased from a Consultant (Amanda )
Small Saddle Bag: Dooney and Bourke 
Sunglasses- Zara
Booties: Chaps
Lipstick: Kat Von D
Model: My Sister-In-Law Robin stats 5'11 Weight 165
Necklace: James Avery
We forgot earrings: BOO
Location: BayBrook Mall

Photography Notes:
Camera:Nikon D750
Lens: 70-200mm Vrii
Shot in Jpg. not Raw. really mad about that.
I just got this lens, so I needed to practice using it, the weight of this is killer.
I didn't have model do any poses, just asked her to move and we talked a lot. We had both of our kids with us.

The Weather:
A little windy and cold, rain clouds in the air.
Time: Around 1PM
Date: Dec.28th 2016

Words from the Model aka my sister-in-law Robin Keele LulaRoe Consultant 

Working with Dianna is always a lot of fun! Most of the time I feel like a totally awakward tall person with no class. Seriously though I am. Throughout our entire session I would say," What do I do with my hands" Where do I look? "Does this look stupid?" Dianna gave me some direction but not a whole lot.  Nothing was forced. She stood behind the lense and I stood and thought "Oh gosh I hope this doesn't look dumb" THEN she would occasionally show me a few shots and I was blown away. I thought wow, I look HOT! I haven't thought that since like NEVER. I felt beautiful and It was me! No editing, no awkward staging. ME. So even though I thought I was this tall awkward person, I'm totally not! The camera doesn't lie! You know how when you take a selfie and you turn to your good side?! Well Dianna was easily able to find my good side! Things I wish I would have done differently 1. Acessorised. I had some rocking sunglasses from Dianna and a necklace that I always wear but that's it! Some rocking accessories can really change a look. So I should have planned that better. 2. Brought touch up make up. Though in the end that probably wouldn't have made a huge deal in the end I think a quick touch up half way into our session would have kept my confidence up. 3. Confidence. I know I'm not a super model. I'm far from that but after seeing some of the shots And seeing how great they were I think that if I would have been more confident a little more of my personality could have been captured! I thought several times, what if I just twirled right now and did a total super model pose. Well I didn't, and I should have! Next time! Finally don't be afraid to be bold. Dianna pulled out some hot pink lipstick...HOT PINK. I told her, "uhhhh I don't do lipstick"  She said, "Yes you will wear it"! So I did and HOLY COW it looked awesome. In fact now Dianna and I have a date to go try on other shades. I would have never known that I could pull off Hot pink lips if I wouldn't have been bold and stepped out of my comfort zone. Now if I can just do it on my own. Thanks Dianna for giving me the nudge! So keep calm, wear lipstick, and rock that LuLa! 

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